I wish the world had more people like you.

Jambazyan A, Baby Any (10 Months)

It was a weight taken off to know that someone was helping.   It is a miracle to receive help from strangers.... Thank you very much!...If not for the pandemic, I would have liked to give you a hug!

Miriam R, Baby Sebastian (8 Months)

It was very helpful to my grief to know that there are other people that passed the same experience.  It is kind of sad, but it feels good to know I am not the only one.

Melissa P, Baby Ameeriah (2 Months)

I am very happy with the Foundation for helping me at the time I needed the most.  Thank you so much!

Karen H, Baby Jacob

The [financial] help was a lot, at the time both my husband and I were unemployed.

Aminat B, Baby Tiffany (1 Month)

I felt that this was a blessing to find Angels like you.  Angels that appeared in the worst time of my life.

Maylin V, Baby Daniela (6 Months)

How We’re Helping

Dollars Provided to Families

Aeron’s Foundation provides financial assistance for expenses that bereaved parents face in making final arrangements for their baby who has died. This is made possible due to the generosity of private donations and fundraising efforts. 

Sleeping Sacks Donated

Aeron’s Foundation has partnered with local children’s hospitals to distribute sleeping sacks to families in order to promote safe sleeping habits.

Partner Hospitals in Los Angeles

We have partnered with 2 hospitals in Los Angeles, CHLA and UCLA, to promote SIDS awareness.

Safe Sleep Books Distributed

We have been awarded 1,000 books from Charlie’s Kids to raise community awareness on the importance of safe sleep.

Recent News

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