Author page: Jennifer Su

Join us for SIDS Awareness Month 2022!

October is SIDS Awareness Month. To promote awareness and educate our community, Aeron’s Foundation will be engaging in a few events that we invite you to join in! October 5-6, 2022 The California Department of Public Health is hosting the 41st...

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Aeron’s 5th Birthday Invitation

This month is a milestone birthday for Aeron—he’s turning 5 years old! We imagine if he were still here, he’d let us know a party theme, which friends to invite, and a toy or two he’s hoping to get. Though Aeron is not with us physically, we’re...

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Welcome October, SIDS Awareness Month!

This year, we have come up with some fun ways to support SIDS Awareness Month! Download a SIDS Awareness Month sign (blue sign or pink sign – these are the colors associated with SIDS Awareness Month) and take a picture with you, your baby, fur...

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