Aeron in the Sky

Aeron in the Sky

A beautiful portrayal of how our relationship with loved ones continues beyond death.

Aeron is my brother.  Like some brothers, he makes me laugh, he wakes me up, and we play together.  Even when I feel sad and lonely, my brother reminds me that he is always near.

This beautifully illustrated children’s book takes subtle moments in nature to remind us that our relationship with loved ones continues beyond death. If you or your child has experienced the loss of a loved one, we hope that our story may help to start a tender conversation about that very special relationship, loss, and the precious memories that remain.

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About the Book

Losing our son Aeron has easily been the most painful moment of parenthood. In addition to our sudden grief, we were uncertain how we should share these life-changing events with his toddler sister.  In the back of this children’s book, we have compiled professional tips for parents and caregivers that we found personally helpful to explain death to our daughter.

One evening, on our way back from visiting Aeron’s grave, our daughter started to say, “Mama, Dada . . . tell Aeron no-no.” At first, we were confused and asked what she meant. She responded by saying, “You said to only color on paper, but look! Aeron is coloring the sky, so tell him no-no!” We looked up to see the vibrant colors of sunset. It was an unexpected yet beautiful moment of continued sibling connection.

We celebrate special moments like this with our book’s title, Aeron in the Sky.

Jenn & James


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Genre: Death, Grief, Bereavement
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Year: 2022
ASIN: 1667872583
ISBN: 9781667872582
List Price: 29.79
Aeron in the Sky transforms the unthinkable- the loss of a child- into a beautiful, colorful, magical guide for both young children and parents on how to talk about death and tragedy. This beautifully written and illustrated book will help any child or parent who has lost a loved one, whether a child or adult, to grieve, to communicate, and most importantly to heal. Thank you Aeron.
– Moira Szilagyi MD PhD and Peter Szilagyi MD MPH, Pediatricians, national leaders in child health, parents, and grandparents
Aeron In the Sky is a beautifully illustrated and well-written, thought-out book that will help children talk about death, especially the death of a sibling. Aeron in the Sky is unique in that it allows siblings to envision a relationship with a loved one, even after death. It utilizes a relatable approach to allow children to understand death in a beautiful way. As a pediatric psychologist, I would highly recommend this book to help initiate a difficult conversation in a comprehensible way. It ends with the authors utilizing simple and concrete language to provide parents with tips and strategies to explain death to their children.
– Priyanka Doshi, PsyD, Child Psychologist, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
When the impossible happens and we are at a loss for words, this book offers comfort and a framework by which to understand that we carry those we love with us, always. This book can be a support to children whose sibling has died and provides invaluable and experienced guidance to parents.
– Gitanjli Arora, MD, Pediatric Palliative Medicine Physician
An absolutely beautiful, poignant book about grief, Jennifer Su explores the death of a child family member with an honesty that is tender and thoughtful.  Few children’s books have moved my heart the way Aeron in the Sky did.
– Joanne Cacciatore, PhD, Professor, Arizona State University, Founder of the MISS Foundation
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About the Author
Drs. Jennifer Su and James Lee

Jenn is a pediatric cardiologist, and James is a general pediatrician. After losing their son Aeron to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in 2018, they co-founded Aeron's Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a vision to build a future free from the suffering caused by SIDS. They continue to support families through their work as medical doctors as well as Aeron's Foundation and hope to share their personal experience with this special book. Together, Jenn and James live in Los Angeles with Aeron's brother and sister.

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