39a Conferencia Anual SIDS / SUID - 29 de octubre de 2020

Registrarse para el 39th Annual California SIDS/SUID Conference, which will be a virtual event held on October 29, 2020!  This annual conference provides a safe space for healing, sharing, learning, and gaining perspectives on sudden unexpected infant death.

Our very own Dr. James Lee,  president of Aeron’s Foundation, will be sharing his personal story on the Parent Panel this year.

Who should attend? Parents, families, care givers, public health professionals/administrators, SIDS Coordinators, social workers, nurses, physicians, coroners/medical examiners, investigators, and emergency first aid responders touched by unknown/undetermined, sudden unexpected/unexplained infant death (SUID), SIDS, positional asphyxia/asphyxia, and accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed.

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