Happy Birthday, Aeron!

Aeron would be turning 6 years old this March! Although he is not physically with us, we want to celebrate him this month in some special ways.

Buy a plant in his honor, snap a photo, and tag it!

Since March is also the beginning of springtime, we often remember Aeron’s birthday with plants and gardening to remind us of new growth and hope.

  • Post your photo on Kudoboard with a birthday message (see #2 below)
  • Snap a photo and tag us on Facebook or Instagram @aeronsfoundation

Write a message to him (or us)!

Post a birthday message on Kudoboard to celebrate this special month with us!  We always look forward to hearing from you.

Share our new book!

Our children’s book, Aeron in the Sky, is a kid-centered way to explore heavy concepts of death and grief with young children, with tips for grown-ups on how to approach this topic with kids. It’s available for purchase at major retailers, including Amazon and BookBaby 

  • Buy a book for yourself or to donate to your local library or hospital
  • Get the word out by leaving a thoughtful review online

If buying through BookBaby, don’t forget to use discount code “silentninja”

Give a gift to a SIDS family

Gifting to us helps us give to families who have experienced crippling loss. Because we now can, in 2023 we are doubling our financial support for low-income SIDS families to help them get back on their feet. 

Celebrate with us by donating to Aeron’s Foundation

Thank you for celebrating another year with us!

With Love,
Aeron’s Foundation Board of Directors

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