Happy Holidays from Aeron’s Foundation

In 2021:
  • Over 600 safe sleep care packages have been given to new families in Los Angeles
  • We have provided $11,000 to help low-income SIDS families
  • We have made genetic testing for SIDS more easily accessibly and understandable to families
  • We surprised some very special siblings (who list their baby sister) with gifts for the holiday season!
Hospital Partnerships

We have created strong relationships with Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and UCLA Pediatrics to distribute our safe sleep care packages to educate and promote safe sleep for new families who have been blessed with the birth of a new baby (or babies!)

Financial Help during tragedy

With your help, we have provided aid for families to buy food, pay rent, and pay off their funeral bills. This has been especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic when many families have been struggling to make ends meet.

Dear Friends,

It was just 3 short years ago that Aeron’s Foundation was created. It has been emotionally tough navigating our own feelings as we built the foundation.

Thanks to the love and support from caring people like you, we have been able to take an idea and create a foundation that lends support to those going through a situation that is unimaginable to many.

“It was a miracle to receive help from strangers…Thank you very much! If not for the pandemic, I would have liked to give you a hug!”

- Miriam R.
(Sebastian's Mom)
Genetic Testing

Up to 2,500 babies die suddenly and unexpected each year, and up to 1/3 of SIDS cases may be explained by an inherited medical problem. When a baby dies suddenly and unexpectedly, families want answers. This year, Aeron’s Foundation has streamlined our process to make it easy (and free) for families to get genetic testing and counseling if they want it.

Holidays from our heart

The holiday season is a time of year that tends to amplify emotions. With the recent loss of a loved one, celebrating can seem impossible. This year, we chose a special SIDS family to surprise with gifts for her twin brother and older sister (pictured).

We want to personally thank everyone for your love and support of Aeron’s Foundation. Thank you for your contributions of time and money so that we can continue to help families who are going through one of the toughest events in their lives. As we try to expand our reach in distributing safe sleep care packages, receive a number of applications for financial assistance, and pursue genetic testing for SIDS families, we can only continue this work with your help. Please continue to be a part of the Aeron’s Foundation family and be part of the safe sleep movement! We with you a warm holiday season.

With Love,

Aeron’s Foundation Board

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