Join us for SIDS Awareness Month 2022!

October is SIDS Awareness Month. To promote awareness and educate our community, Aeron’s Foundation will be engaging in a few events that we invite you to join in!

October 5-6, 2022

The California Department of Public Health is hosting the 41st Annual (Virtual) Conference on SIDS. This conference is valuable to medical professionals, emergency responders, and family members who have been affected by SIDS. There will be information for professionals who encounter SIDS cases in their jobs, to allow them to better understand the experience of parents and families, and to provide insight into what can be done to reduce the risk of SIDS and sudden death in their communities. For families, there will be a parent and sibling panel as well as support sessions to share and join with others who have gone through a similar devastating journey. Click here to register!

October 20, 2022

The Pasadena Public Health Department is hosting an outdoor screening of “The Starling,” a comedy-drama depicting the marital journey of a couple who lost their baby daughter to SIDS. This event will include an educational session for the community about SIDS and how to support families after an experience of sudden death. Dr. Jennifer Su will be sharing our personal experiences after losing Aeron in 2018. Aeron’s Foundation will be providing educational resources and book information at this event. We will post more about this event in the upcoming weeks.

October 22, 2022

Aeron’s Foundation will be hosting a virtual book reading for long-anticipated children’s book, Aeron in the Sky! This book is inspired by a desire to preserve the sibling memories and loving relationship for Aeron’s older sister despite her younger brother’s physical absence. Included in the book are professional tips that we found personally helpful to explain death to a young child. We hope this book will provide a conversation starting point for families to talk openly about death with a child and provide a space to cherish memories of deceased loved ones. The first 10 people to register for this event will get a signed copy of Aeron in the Sky! Register here.

Thank you.

Every year, we deeply appreciate your continued support our very special mission. Even if you are unable to join in these events, here are some other ways you can become involved in SIDS Awareness Month:

  • Follow Aeron’s Foundation on our Facebook and Instagram @aeronsfoundation — Share and Like our posts all month long
  • Make a gift to Aeron’s Foundation to support families affected by SIDS. You can make a donation here:

We appreciate any way you can get involved for SIDS Awareness Month. Together, we hope to build a future free from the suffering caused by SIDS.

With Gratitude,
Aeron’s Foundation Board of Directors

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