Welcome October, SIDS Awareness Month!

This year, we have come up with some fun ways to support SIDS Awareness Month!

  • Download a SIDS Awareness Month sign (blue sign or pink sign – these are the colors associated with SIDS Awareness Month) and take a picture with you, your baby, fur babies, etc. Post to your social media and tag @aeronsfoundation and use the hashtag #SafeSleepSnap. We’ll be sharing your photos on our social media all month long. One lucky winner will win a $100 Amazon gift card and an Aeron’s Foundation water bottle.
  • If you have an infant, follow the ABCs:
    1. Alone – no bed blankets, no bed sharing
    2. Back sleeper
    3. Crib, own space for sleeping is the safest
  • Follow Aeron’s Foundation on our Facebook and Instagram @aeronsfoundation – SHARE and LIKE our posts all month long
  • Make a gift to Aeron’s Foundation to support families affected by SIDS. You can make a donation here


October is SIDS Awareness Month. You can learn about safe sleeping practices and more by visiting www.aeronsfoundation.org. @aeronsfoundation #safesleepsnap #sidsawareness #sidsawarenessmonth

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