Why do we do what we do? Hear from our board members!

As part of our 5 year anniversary, we asked our board members to reflect on why they are involved with Aeron’s Foundation. Here are there responses:

“Aeron is my son. Losing him to SIDS/SUID was the most painful event in my life. Even though he was only able to be on this earth for a short 10 months, I wanted Aeron to positively impact this world despite his passing. This purpose alone makes the foundation so personally important to me. In the 5 years of doing the foundation, I have been able to witness the great kindness of our supporters that help us run our mission. Thanks to people like you, Aeron’s Foundation has been able to make an impact in a way we were unable to imagine possible when we first started”

– James Lee, M.D., President

“Through our journey building Aeron’s Foundation, our pain has transformed into inspiration as I witness profound kindness, empathy, and generosity in support of grieving families”

– Jenn Su, M.D., Vice President

“I remember the confusion, pain, and grief experienced by my family after the loss of my nephew, Aeron. I wanted to take the darkest moment my family has experienced and turn it into a positive by helping other families while preserving Aeron’s memory”

– Adam Su, Technology

“Aeron’s Foundation is very close to my heart as it is one way for me to honor and always remember Aeron, our silent Ninja. From the day he was born I fell in love and how can I ever forget how happy/smiley Aeron was even if that led to mischievousness at times. His love for his sister, Aeris even at such a young age was already undeniable. Aeron’s foundation also allows me to share knowledge about SUID/SIDS with our community and ensure safe sleep; in addition to helping families financially who have lost a baby to SUID. With the new book written by Jenn and James, Aeron in the Sky, it will allow Aeron’s Foundation to go even further and help children who have lost a loved one. We have come so far and am excited for what the future holds!”

– Amanda Kosack, M.D., Secretary

“By volunteering with Aeron’s Foundation we are able to directly help people that have suffered the worst loss imaginable”

– Kamala Vallabhaneni, MD and Eric Peters, M.D., Treasurer

“It has been amazing to see how Aeron’s legacy continues to live on through the foundation. We hope to see it continue to grow in the future”

– Mark Lee and James Le, Social Media / Communications

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